Rolex DAY-DATE 36mm 128345rbr-0009

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Introducing the Rolex DAY-DATE 36mm watch 128345rbr-0009 Rolex is the world's leading luxury watch brand. Each masterpiece launched by the company on the market receives a warm welcome from watch lovers. Among them, the Rolex Men's Watch DAY-DATE 36mm 128345rbr-0009 is considered a sophisticated masterpiece, carrying extremely noble values ​​of the Swiss manufacturer. Rolex model DAY-DATE 36mm 128345rbr-0009 with a gentle and seductive pink color will make you immediately want to own it or give it as a gift to your loved one. Crafted from Everose gold with an extremely sturdy 3-link President bracelet design, the Rolex DAY-DATE 36mm 128345rbr-0009 is an exquisite design that can suit both men and women. The pink watch face is finished with sunrays, creating attractive depth. The system of 10 numbers is replaced by 10 sparkling diamonds, with 2 numbers at 6 hour and 9 hour used Using expensive tube diamonds, makes the watch shine even more brightly. In addition, the bezel is also meticulously studded with beautiful diamonds, making model 128345RBR-0009 truly stand out among the crowd. Rolex has equipped the Rolex DAY-DATE 36mm 128345rbr-0009 with a 3255 automatic winding movement. , this is a more improved version of the 3255. The new movement has the ability to store up to more than 70 hours and possesses the Chronometer quality standard of the COSC organization, accompanied by Rolex's own Superative Chronometer certification.

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