ROLEX DATEJUST 31mm-278384RBR-0003

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INTRODUCING ROLEX DATEJUST 31mm WATCH-278384RBR-0003 ROLEX DATEJUST 31mm watch-278384RBR-0003 is a wonderful combination of 18k white gold and steel (Oystersteel). The combination of these two durable and beautiful materials has helped Rolex Datejust create a watch product with luxurious and flawless beauty. See more Rolex women's watch models at here! With watches using two materials, Rolex always creates a highlight for the bezel, specifically with this watch, Rolex uses 18k white gold, attractive. admired by the bezel studded with diamonds. The meticulousness of the bezel combined with the luxurious golden light from high-quality gold makes the viewer more fascinated the more they admire it. Next to the 18k white gold bezel studded with diamonds is the dial. black. Roman hour markers are made of 18k white gold on a black dial background. This detail further increases the appeal of this ROLEX DATEJUST 31mm-278384RBR-0003. The watch glass is made from Sapphire, which is effectively scratch-resistant and anti-reflective, so users can read the time more easily outdoors. The Jubilee bracelet, five-piece link is the perfect combination of silver-white Oystersteel.

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