ROLEX DATEJUST 31mm 278271-0020 mặt tím

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INTRODUCING ROLEX DATEJUST 31mm WATCH 278271-0020 purple face It can be said that ROLEX DATEJUST 31mm 278271-0020 purple face is one of the watch models favored by Rolex. People are often attracted to the sparkle and nobility of gold. Meanwhile, steel material brings more strength and reliability, suitable for ladies who prefer elegant style. The watch that Frodo's wants to introduce is not the Rolesor model that everyone is familiar with, but a rather special design with a combination of yellow gold and stainless steel. ROLEX DATEJUST 31mm Watch 278271-0020 purple face Aubergine Roman numerals are still one of the most popular watches with dial colors, the 3 hour angle is still the Cyclops lens familiar to watch lovers. 4 lugs The strap has now been redesigned, slightly shrunk a little smaller and this makes the wearer feel more huggable than before. And yet, know that women love these sparkling things like diamonds and gemstones, so the 6 hour corner has been stylized compared to other rose gold Roman numerals. Gold seems to be an indispensable material in most Rolex watch models. Gold brings royal wealth, and the beauty of eternity. Understanding this, the purple dial Rolex Datejust 31mm Watch 278271-0020, in addition to the steel case, also has a silver accent. The rose gold notched bezel is one of the important highlights that helps identify the brand easily. See more Rolex women's watch models here!

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