Our Future Children

Promotion of Personal and Shared Well-being 

Feelings of strong motivation, confidence and competence are rooted in the foundation of the comprehensive well-being of children.

FIPS FinlandWay® methodology supports all aspects of children’s well-being to bring out their individual potential:

Subjective well-being includes aspects of self (physical and emotional health, identity, self-control), relationship (with family, peers and people in local society) and environments (material well-being, space). Cognitive well-being focuses on aspects, such as a sense of purpose, self image, self-esteem, optimism and aspirations for future. Social well-being contains elements of belonging and being loved, helping children develop a sense of community and experience the joy of being themselves with others.




Development of Children’s Autonomy and Competence

FIPS FinlandWay® system has been created to support children’s growth towards humanity and becoming ethically responsible and competent members of society; with the necessary and relevant knowledge, skills and confidence to fulfill their true potential; and obtain personally meaningful involvement, achievement and empowerment in their lives. 

Promotion of Social and Environmental Responsibility

We cultivate our children to appreciate and participate in responsible activities, understand the meaning of rules and working with and respecting others in a diverse world.




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