Welcome Letter From Finland

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the Finland Preschool – FIPS FinlandWay®, a worldwide leader in early childhood education systems. We are deeply committed to establishing a strong social and educational foundation that fosters a love for life-long learning in a child and prepares them for success in school and beyond.

For this reason, we commit to provide a world leading education method for our children.  This method encourages every child to be an active learner in his or her education where meaning and knowledge are discovered through purposeful learning activities. We discovered that, through this method, the children in Finland are some of the happiest in the world and we desire to bring this happiness for our own.

During a few first years of life, children develop their inner skills for life-long learning and thinking. These are the essential skills that students need in everyday working life. The foundation of these skills is the focus of our learning program. We will support your child to gain precious skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, logical thinking, and creativity through the play-based learning environment – an environment that children can develop their social skills through teacher-guided activities as well as discover meanings and values in their sharing experiences.

We know that a strong partnership with parents or guardians will make a great difference in a child’s education. As partners, we share the responsibility with your children’s success and we will do our best to carry out our responsibilities.

As parents, you may:

  • Guide and support your child’s learning by making the best use of the parental application,
  • Follow and share their learning experiences at home and through the application,
  • Be interested in the topics your child is working with,
  • Offer interesting material for your child also at home,
  • Discuss the themes of the program with your child,
  • Continue and vary the activities that you see the child is practicing at preschool,
  • Ask your child to be your teacher.

The learning environment in our concept school FIPS FinlandWay® in HCMC is designed to support a wholesome learning experience and provide a safe and innovative space for learning, exploration and creativity. Our program is offered in a systematic manner by well-trained educators and supported by the latest technologies.

Again, please accept our warmest welcome into the FIPS FinlandWay®’s family, a day-home for your children. And we wish your children and your entire families a happy beginning in the journey of life-long learning.


Dr. Jonna Kangas

Chief Education Specialist, PHD in Early Childhood Education of Helsinki University

Board of Advisor, FIPS FinlandWay®

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