Advisory Board at FIPS FinlandWay®

The Preschool has an Educational Advisory Board consisting of professors with a Master or Doctorate degree in pedagogy, and many years of experience in early childhood education. The Board will provide supports for the development of childcare and educational programs; trainings to other executive staffs and teachers; and help each personnel to perceive the essence of the Finland pedagogical methods, thereby increasing the effects of the communication process to each child. The prospective members of FIPS FinlandWay® ‘s Educational Advisory Council are as followed:



  • FIPS FinlandWay® Advisory Board Member
  • PHD in Early Childhood Education and Childhood Development

Professor Kangas is a Lecturer and Teacher Training Expert at the University of Helsinki and a Joint Research Member at its Playful Learning Centre. She also holds a position of Academic Professor in responsible for training Finland educator, expert in digitalizing teacher training programs and platforms at Tampere University, Finland.

Furthermore, she is a reputable international published author of academic articles, editor, speaker and postdoctoral researcher on child-participatory, play-based, pedagogy methods in Finland early childhood education. Professor Kangas has extremely outstanding administrative and operational experience in world-class preschool services, curriculum planning and implementation in order to advise for FIPS FinlandWay® to be successful in Vietnam.

In addition to achieving extensive comparative research and field work in Finland and South America, Professor Kangas is a Board Member of the Early Education Association of Finland and has worked with the Finnish National Centre of Educational Assessment as well as advised the three capital region municipalities on participatory practices in Finland."


  • FIPS FinlandWay® Advisory Board Member
  • PHD Candidate

Noora is an impressive Finland lady and a Cambridge economist specializing in sustainable impact investments in growth economies. She is now CEO and Co-founder of FinlandWay® School System, powering for FIPS FinlandWay®.

Noora has worked for the World Bank Group (IFC) as their Nordic Representative and Western European Women’s Representative for Private Sector Projects, the European Investment Bank and in the private finance sector and strategy roles.

With work experience spanning across five continents, she has also advised the United Nations, Cambridge University Sustainability Leadership Institute and the World Economic Forum. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and Commerce in the United Kingdom and a member of the Finnish Educational Research Association.

Her passion and outstanding experience will support FIPS FinlandWay® to be a top Finland Preschool in Vietnam.


  • FIPS FinlandWay® Management Board Member
  • Master of Early Childhood Education
  • Bachelor of Children Education

Essi is a highly valuable teacher for FIPS FinlandWay®. Graduated from University of Helsinki, Finland as a teacher, holding both Bachelor and Master degree in early childhood education, Essi is a kind of world top teacher that any good school looking for.

Essi has strong experience in teaching for children from 1-6 years old. From 2012 to 2018, she worked in many child-care centers and kindergartens in Finland and from now on with FIPS FinlandWay® in Vietnam.

Essi is excellent in English and she can amazingly speak fluently Finnish, Spanish, and Swedish.


  • FIPS FinlandWay® Management Board Member
  • Degree in Early Childhood Education
  • Certificate in Principal Management for Kindergarten
  • Certificate in Advance Teaching and Caring Children

Over 9 years of strong experience in early childhood and kindergarten, Tuyen has been through positions of teacher, manager, and principal levels in the preschool sector.

She knows how to make a positive and meaningful connection with children, parents and teachers to make FIPS FinlandWay® a big family and happy school. She is desirable to create a safe and nurturing environment where children can play and learn.

With her dedication and professionalism, Tuyen is a quality and result-oriented. FIPS FinlandWay® is appreciated for her leadership skills, inspiration for Finland’s education, strong collaborations and team building approach to bring the school’s success.

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