Our Curriculum

FIPS FinlandWay®’s curriculum is based on the most up-to-date National Core Curriculum for Early Childhood Education and Care in Finland from ages of 18 months to 6 years old that has been approved by the Minister of Education and Culture. Our curriculum provides a good basis for life-long learning by promoting and supporting children’s growth and development, and enables them to transition smoothly from a preschool to primary school environment. .
The teaching methods of FIPS FinlandWay® take into account children’s comprehensive manner of functioning and learning through play, creative activities, experimentation, observation and questioning while interacting with other children and adults.  Our program provides a thematic structure for both guided and free play-based learning throughout the year. Learning modules are multidisciplinary and thematic, encouraging flexible application of new knowledge and skills. The system design guarantees that children will get a balanced learning experience in: 
  • Languages and stories (experiencing alphabetization and literacy, communication)
  • Exploration (experiencing numeracy and mathematics, natural and social sciences, the environment and universe)
  • Arts and performance (singing, composing, dancing, painting, history and culture)
  • Shared well-being (experiencing motor skills, physical and mental well-being)
  • Our society (experiencing socio-emotional and citizenship skills, and countries in world)
Values of responsibility, tolerance, empathy, sustainable development and inclusion are deeply embedded in our curriculum design.

Bilingual Program

Finland Curriculum, head teacher is an Vietnamese English teacher, 01 Preschool teachers and a Kindergartener. 2 class hours of English/day with native teachers, communicate in English and Vietnamese with Vietnamese English teacher during school time.

International Program

Finland Curriculum, head teachers are native teachers, 01 teaching assistants English with Preschool Education Qualifications in English, and a Kindergartener. 100% of the time in English with native teachers.

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