Our Curriculum

 Preschool education promotes and supports children’s growth, development and learning, and enables them to have a smooth transition from the preschool to a primary school environment. Preschool provides a good basis for life-long learning. Our program provides a thematic structure for both guided and free play-based learning throughout the year. Learning modules are multidisciplinary and thematic, encouraging flexible application of new knowledge and skills. 

Our Method

Our methodology is the proven success of Finland, one of the world’s leading countries in providing the best in early childhood education, and whose happy children have become successful global citizens. This methodology allows children to have a joyful early learning experience that develops both their cognitive, non-cognitive, socio-emotional skills, and general academic and social preparedness.

Our Courses

 From the youngest Nursery participants to Preschoolers, our students benefit from a joyful structured learning experience with clear development goals.
FIPS FinlandWay® 
creates a positive learning environment and adheres to Finland’s educational standards, which focuses on the holistic development of each individual child via play-based learning methodology.

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